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cork panels and cork wall in your home


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KOREX International specializes in the distribution and sale of natural cork products, ecological and sustainable raw material. It is a unique material that is widely used in many sectors of the economy, and above all for the storage of various articles in our homes. Natural cork is made of dead and air-filled cells, which are a layer that is impermeable to liquids and gases. Thanks to this specific structure, cork has become one of the best thermal insulation materials used to ensure a comfortable temperature in rooms. The fact that it reduces the noise level also has an impact on its universal application. The cork panels are very popular as a product that allows you to keep warm in houses and apartments.

Looking For Something?

Why is it worth choosing a cork for home panels:

- provides a pleasant temperature;

- universal application, it can be placed under panels, ceramic tiles, linoleum and even directly under the floor covering;

- eliminates the creaking of floors and muffles the noise of objects falling on it.

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